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Are you home-schooling your adolescent students?

Do your students attend a school that does not offer any serious Information Technology (IT) classes such as programming, networking, cybersecurity, the cloud, and others?

Are you an adult looking to change careers and you need to find a down to earth place to learn what these myriad technologies are all about so you can get up and running quickly? 

TechTalk Education provides comprehensive, easy to understand education for people who are interested in learning more about Information Technology (IT) subjects. You can view all of the videos at the TechTalk Education YouTube site.

All of TechTalk's training videos are available for free on YouTube. Yes, that's right...free!

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William Heldman, Ph.D.

Dr. Heldman came out of a two-decade-long career in Information Technology (IT) to become a Computer Science and Cybersecurity teacher at a high school near him. He has been teaching high school and working as an adjunct instructor at a community college for the last 16 years. Having taught corporately in IT training centers, he also has a significant background in adult technical education as well.

He has authored several technical study guides and magazine articles, and has been a speaker at technical conferences.

He is a former (1994) Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), and a former (2004) Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

He lives in Colorado with his wife and, of course, Zoe. He enjoys music, reading, movies and computer technology topics.

Why all the snow scenes? Dr. Heldman was born in Leadville, Colorado and has lived in Colorado all of his life. Thus, these beautiful snow mountains full of trees remind him of his home town.


Zoe was born in January of 2020. She came to live with Dr. Heldman and his wife in March. She is a constant companion for the family, and provides a boat-load of love, kisses and joy to us! 

Books Dr. Heldman Has Written

I have been privileged to be a contributing author on a number of books for Sybex Books, Inc. These books were written predominantly for the Microsoft certification study guide space, although I've written some CompTIA and Adobe study guides as well.

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